Legal Rockin’ Rap

Yo, listen up, let’s talk legal stuff
Agreement partnership deed can be pretty tough
Legal aid society, 199 Water Street is where you go
To get the help you need, for real though

If you’re dealing with IRS primary residence rules
You gotta know what’s up, don’t be no fools
When it comes to typical terms of a contract in spm
You gotta read it through, word for word, every single ampersand

Check out the federal court cases examples
And make sure you understand, don’t be simple
FCC requirements are no joke
Gotta comply with the law, that’s what’s up, no hoax

If you’re in Mumbai, check out the high court lawyer fees
‘Cause you gotta know before you agree
To the legal city Barcelona, where the pros will help you out
They’ll guide you through the law, without a doubt

And if you’re in the NFL, better know the labor agreement
‘Cause it’s crucial to your career, no disagreement
For all the contractors, learn how to get work as a general contractor
It’s the key to success, don’t be a detractor